Drs. Aglina Lika (A.)


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My name is Aglina Lika and I have been working at Erasmus MC and Sophia hospital since 2020 as a PhD student. I am also, the administrator of the International Pompe Association/Erasmus MC survey (‘the IPA survey’). My research interest involve the development of Bayesian multivariate mixed-effects models. These models can be used for assessing the association between multiple outcomes. For instance, how the clinical outcomes are associated with the quality of life and the daily life activities of the Pompe patients treated with Enzyme replacement therapy (ERT).

Werkervaring & Opleidingen

I completed my postgraduate studies in Statistics at the Athens University of Economics and Business in 2020. After that I started my PhD, which is a collaboration between the Pediatric metabolic diseases department within the Center for Lysosomal and Metabolic Diseases Sophia hospital and the Biostatistics department of the Erasmus MC. The research project I am working on is to develop a new statistical model which will be applied to data selected from adult patients with Pompe disease who participate in the IPA survey and receive Enzyme replacement therapy (ERT). Based on the model we will assess how the lung function, walking test and muscle strength, relate to the quality of life and handicap scores that we collect in the IPA survey.

Also, if the lung function improves over time, does the quality of life go up, and how quickly? Once we know this, the next step is to investigate whether we can give a ‘minimal clinical important difference’, for example, how much should lung function improve in a clinical trial to be meaningful for the patient?