Erasmus MC

Welcome to the Center of Lysosomal and Metabolic Diseases at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam 

The Center for Lysosomal and Metabolic Diseases is a national and international recognized expert center on metabolic diseases and stands for innovation. Clinicians and basic scientist work together on excellent diagnostics and the development and implementation of new treatments. 

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Our specialists

Our specialists are committed every day to create a better future for patients with inherited metabolic disorders. Please click on the below link to meet our team. 

Our team

Recognized national expert centers

Given the rarity of many metabolic diseases, the complexity of diagnosis, follow-up and treatment, the presence of expert centers is desirable. Within the Netherlands, the Center for Lysosomal and Metabolic Diseases is one of 6 metabolic centers fulfilling this role. Our center is recognized by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport as an expert center for all inherited metabolic disorders and we see all patients from the South West region of the Netherlands. On top of this, we received extra recognition for some specific disorders. To read more about our specific expertise, please click on one of the below expert centers.  

Center for lysosomal storage disorders Center for UCD and OACenter for PophyriaPompe Center