Isolated neurological presentations of mevalonate kinase deficiency.

Hoytema van Konijnenburg EMM, Oussoren E, Frenkel J, van Hasselt PM

JIMD reports, 2023 Jan


Mevalonate kinase (MK) deficiency is a rare autosomal recessive metabolic disorder caused by pathogenic variants in the gene with a broad phenotypic spectrum including autoinflammation, developmental delay and ataxia. Typically, neurological symptoms are considered to be part of the severe end of the phenotypical spectrum and are reported to be in addition to the autoinflammatory symptoms. Here, we describe a patient with MK deficiency with severe neurological symptoms but without autoinflammation and we found several similar patients in the literature. Possibly, the non-inflammatory phenotype is related to a specific genotype: the p.(His20Pro)/p.(Ala334Thr) variant. There is probably an underdetection of the neurological MK deficient phenotype without inflammatory symptoms as clinicians may not test for MK deficiency when patients present with only neurological symptoms. In conclusion, although rare, neurological symptoms without hyperinflammation might be more common than expected in MK deficiency. It seems relevant to consider MK deficiency in patients with psychomotor delay and ataxia, even if there are no inflammatory symptoms.

doi: 10.1002/jmd2.12348